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President:                            Mark Chandler        Ph: 03 9379 2917

V. President:                        Tim Michaelides     Ph: 0430 125 425

Secretary:                            Joanne Ciacic         Ph: 0426 768 221

Treasurer:                            Colin Thompson      Ph: 03 9337 6707

Junior Convenor:                 Julie Thompson      Ph: 0421 211 409

Mid Week Ladies:                Debbie Quinn  Ph: 0411 643 556

Night Convenor:                   Carol Munro            Ph: 0419 169 756

Pennant Convenor:              Mark Gilson             Ph: 0407 232 825

Saturday Afternoon Comp:  Peter Black              Ph: 0408 580 652

Bar Manager:                      Steve Munro            Ph: 0431 479 636

Maintenance Convenor:      Colin Durand           Ph: 0414 629 462

Social Convenor:                 Vacant

Club Coach:                         Peter Hubble           Ph: 0418 108 619

Club Administrator:             Joanne Ciacic          Ph: 0426 768 221



         1. The rules of the game under which members play shall be those adopted by the     Australian Tennis Umpires Association.

2.  The Committee of the B.P.T.C. Inc has the power to change or make new rules to help in the smooth running of the B.P.T.C. Inc.

3.  The Committee shall have the power to discipline any member for breach of the rules.

4.  The Committee shall have the power to direct all conditions of play and use of courts.

5.  No court shall be occupied by players for more than one six (6) game set when other     members present wish to play. Singles matches are not permitted when other members are waiting to play and all courts are occupied.  All competition played at B.P.T.C Inc, take priority over social play.

6.  Courts shall be swept (bagged) before and after competition.

7.  All persons playing tennis shall wear correct tennis attire and definitely no ripple-soled,   heeled or black soled runners allowed.

8.  The number of teams entered in competition shall be fixed by the Committee.

9.  (A) At each Annual General Meeting, Selection Committees shall be elected:

            Pennant - This Committee shall comprise of three (3) members.

           N.S.T.A. - This Committee shall comprise of the Convenor and six (6) members          who have played in one of the two previous seasons.

            N.S.L.T.A. - This Committee shall comprise of five (5) members and be elected at the Ladies Annual General Meeting.          

            N.S.J.T.A. – This Committee shall comprise of the Convenor, Coach and a       minimum of one other.

            All Senior Selection Committee members cannot serve for more than two (2) consecutive years unless there are no other nominations.

10.  Only financial members of the club shall be selected to play in teams.

11.  Junior members shall be allowed the use of the courts on Saturday mornings, mornings of public holidays and other weekdays with the exception of Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

12.  The Committee may permit junior members to play at other than the stipulated times.

13.  A non-member of the club shall only be permitted the use of the courts when invited by a member and upon payment of the appropriate visitor’s fee as determined by the     Committee. This member is responsible in seeing that the visitor’s fee is paid to the           Treasurer direct or placed in the Visitor’s Box.  No visitor shall be invited to play on the    courts more that three (3) times in a twelve (12) month period; further play only with    approval from the Committee.

14. Children not actually engaged in playing tennis or being coached at the time is not           permitted on the courts.

15. Any member who wilfully damages or destroys any part of the Club’s property shall be called before the Committee.

16. The minimum penalty for a member who withdraws without good and proper reason from a team, in which he or she has been selected, will be suspended fir this season plus the two (2) following seasons of that competition.

17.  Membership for new members will lapse if fees are not paid within fourteen (14) days from receipt of acceptance letter.

18.  No appeals will be allowed against Selection Committee decisions.

19.  At any annual or another General meeting for the Club, voting shall be restricted to      financial members of senior status.

20.  The Committee shall comprise of the following:

                        a) President

                        b) Vice President

                        c) Secretary

                        d) Treasurer

                        e) Seven other Committee members (senior) to be elected as Convenors of the following:

Ø      N.S.T.A. Convenor     

Ø      Maintenance Convenor

Ø      Social Convenor

Ø      Junior Convenor

Ø      N.S.N.T.A. Convenor

Ø      Bar Manager

Ø     Mid-Week Ladies Convenor

21.  The Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, with the    exception of the Mid-Week Ladies Convenor who shall be elected at the Mid-Week Ladies Annual General Meeting.  Nomination forms relating to the positions to be filled will be made available by the Secretary at least six (6) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting. The duly completed nomination forms setting out the position to be filled, the name of the nominee and the signature of the nominee, proposer and the seconder shall be lodged with the Secretary no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. All nomination forms received shall be proclaimed at the said Committee meeting and the nominations declared closed by the Chairperson. The Secretary will post a list of     nominations in the Clubroom at least ten (10) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.      Extra nominations for unfilled positions shall be received at the Annual general Meeting.    Election to the Committee shall require a majority of two-thirds of those present and       eligible to vote in the election.

22.  Members nominated as Office Bearers 20(a) to 20(f) of the Committee must be senior members of the Club. Junior members do not have the right to stand for election to any of the positions listed under Rule 20. Junior members are also ineligible to vote in Club       elections.

22a. The Committee will hold a monthly meeting at which the Secretary will record minutes.

23.  Membership: All membership applications must be approved by the Committee.         

       a) Full membership is open to all people over the age of sixteen (16) years.

       b) Junior membership is open to any person under the age of sixteen (16) years.

       c) Family membership is open to a person who is a member of a family that consists of   three (3) or more persons including full-time students up to twenty-one (21) years of age. Family members over the age of eighteen (18) years are eligible to vote in club    elections.         

24.  Life members may be nominated in consideration of special services rendered to the Club. Such nominations to be brought before the Committee at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Successful nominations shall be announced at the Annual General Meeting. A Life member shall be eligible for election to the Committee.

25. Honorary members may be appointed by the Committee for any reason for twelve (12)  months but shall have no voice or vote on the management of affairs of the Club and shall   not be eligible for election to the Committee. 

26  A person shall not:

       (a) Be admitted as an honorary or temporary member of the Club or

       (b) Be exempted from the obligation to pay the ordinary subscription for the membership of the club unless the person is of a class specified in the rules and the admission or exemption is in accordance with the rules.         

27.  No foundation members shall be required to pay any re-joining fee.

28.  A member admitted after October 1st shall pay pro-rata subscription.

29.  Auditors: The accounts of the Club shall be examined and the correctness of the Annual Statement ascertained by two (2) Auditors who shall be elected at the Annual General  Meeting.

30.  No member of the Committee shall be eligible for election as an Auditor.

31.  No amount shall be paid to an officer or servant of the Club by way or commission or   

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